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A Week Of Nothing, And Still So Much

I found it a strange time of year to take holiday, and the first time I have done so (I think?). Unlike our usual summer beach holidays the days were not nearly as hot, but still much nicer up North (close the Botswana border) than here in Gauteng. Seems like so much has changed since I last sat down & wrote, and I don’t really know where to begin.

Let me try to recall all the events in chronological order… I was sick last week – bronchitus, was booked off for two days but ended up spending only one day in bed, sleeping. I got a fantastic prezzie from my husband – a brand new laptop!!! 😀 How cool is that?? I went on holiday, close to the Botswana border, where there is no internet access, and also no mobile phone signal! It was actually quite a nice break during which read a book. We celebrated my Father’s 65 birthday while on holiday!

Apart from the above mentioned which pretty much consumed my mind & time not much else happened. We got home safe, and now I need to try my best to catch up with blogging, washing clothes, tidying the house (which I am forever obsessed about). Oh yes, and then ofcourse, I still make time to explore my new toy – at 1:42am! …Bed time for me!



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  1. November 18, 2010    

    I know it might be kind of far but if your in need of another vacation come on down to Sanibel Island to warm up this winter:) Have a happy turkey day!

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