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Jackson Fever

All of a sudden it has taken the radio & tv stations by storm.  Its in the newspaper, people talk about it, and I’ve even received jokes about it less that 24hrs after he was reported dead.  Its all everyone can think of.  Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson!!!  Some people have even been fooled into thinking that he may still be alive, but thank you for clearing that up for us Hannah Lowen.  But honestly, I don’t care.  Jackson fever seems to be spreading faster than swine flu, and its effects are definitely worse.  People are behaving like complete morons!!!

I think its completely absurd, and maybe even a bit retarded that people are now, all of a sudden, idolizing this man, who they were ripping apart a few months back, because he’s claimed to be a child molester.

Because I didn’t know him personally, I cannot claim to be sure of any of this, neither can I say that he was an amazing person.  In my eyes, he was just another guy… Another person trying to make their way through life, wanting to be appreciated & loved.  Just a pity that he probably never experienced either of those.



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