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I told you when I first started with PayPerPost, and since then I’ve done six posts – that’s not much. But I’ve made just about $70 so far! Not too bad hey? I’ve tried SoulCast, Google and who knows what else, and so far, I don’t even have $70 combined from all those!

PayPerPost is really cool! I get to choose topics which I want to blog about, and get paid for it! There’s a brief approval stage, and you will get notified via e-mail if your post has been rejected, including the reason for it being rejected. You can then go and ammend the problem area, and resubmit your post! I have had a post rejected once, but only because I didn’t read the fine print well. They sometimes require to to have a disclaimer on your blog, which is what I had left out.
PayPerPost is straight forward, and even fun!

You can make money blogging too, just sign up, for free, and start posting. You will need to have a paypal account already, and you’ll have to have it activated for incoming funds too – not only outgoing as it is by default.
Once you’re setup, you’re good to go and get some $$!



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5 Responses to “PayPerPost Feedback”

  1. 5
    cyberst0rm Says:

    $70…not bad at all! I signed up to PPP, but my blog wasn’t approved. I will wait a while and re-submit.

    Been hearing good things about PPP.

  2. 4
    Slick Says:

    Maybe I need to do something along those lines. Get my money back for everything

  3. 3
    La Flor Says:

    sounds nice. maybe i’ll try that

  4. 2
    Joe Anderson Says:

    Really bloggers use ReviewMe, of course 😛 . I’ve made nearly $500 from that.

  5. 1
    Beth Says:

    Good to know about your + experience. My blog has been approved, but I have yet to post. I’m moving in June, so I may wait until after I’m in my new place (and my life has calmed down).

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