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"I like it on the dining room chair"

Blogs Against Breast Cancer

You have probably noticed that all the females’ status messages have gone a bit suspicious lately… All starting with “I like it…” and then a place. Most men have wondered what the heck we were on about, and were probably hoping that their guesses were correct. Alas gentlemen, you most probably guessed wrong, as we were all referring to where we like to leave our handbags…

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and this status message was just a clever way of us getting noticed for the worthy cause :)

As URLesque explains:

Millions of women are updating their Facebook status today to read “I like it on the floor,” or “I like it on the chair,” or “I like it on the kitchen counter.” Sexy, right?

It’s not, of course, where they want to have sex. (Thank god, because my mom wrote “I like it on the laundry room coat hook.”) It’s where they like to put their purses or handbags.

The Facebook “I like it on…” meme is intended to “increase awareness of October Breast Cancer Awareness month,” much like last year’s Facebook bra color status updates, according to the chain letter being passed around Facebook.

So what then? What happens after awareness of breast cancer has been increased? What do “they” expect us to do? Instead of just updating your status to something nifty that will have people talking, try to do a bit extra. Read up on how you can become involved, give a donation, adopt a project, and most importantly ladies; HAVE YOURSELF CHECKED! Whatever level of involvement suites you, just don’t let this campaign pass you by with only your Facebook status as a memory.



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