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Happy Birthday To Me!!

Its Friday, and ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Cool eh? 😀 . Friday birthdays are extra nice, but limited. I had a Friday-Birthday in 1984, 1990, 2001, today in 2007, and the next one will be in 2012. What is your favourite day to have your birthday on?


My day has been good so far though I am at work – I’m looking forward to tonight too – the family is coming over, and I have to still get a few snacks! If I had the time I’d have baked a cake like this one in the picture, isn’t it STUNNING?

Someone Tagged Me?

You’ve Been TaggedHey guys and girls. Today I find myself in an odd spot. Tomorrow is my birthday (yay), but I just realize that the age thing has already started to affect me. About a week or so back I remember seeing that someone tagged me (it was on their blog if I recall correctly?), and now I have no clue who it was?

Please, if it was you, let me know – if there are others out there who also tagged me, just leave a comment – my memory is not a strong point of mine 😛

A Warning to Women of the World

Do I Look Fat?

Most of you have read the scare-mail about the person whose kidneys were stolen while he was passed out. Well, read on. While the kidney story was an urban legend, this one is not. It’s happening every day.

My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. It was just
that quick. I went to sleep in my body and woke up with someone else’s thighs. The new ones had the texture of cooked oatmeal. Who would have done such a cruel thing to legs that had been mine for years? Whose thighs were these and what happened to mine? Hurt and angry, I resigned myself to living out my life in jeans and Sheer Energy pantyhose. Then, just when my guard was down, the thieves struck again.

My butt was next. I knew it was the same gang, because they took pains to match my new rear end to the thighs they stuck me with earlier. I couldn’t believe that my new butt was attached at least three inches lower than my
original. Now, my rear complemented my legs, lump for lump. Frantic, I prayed that long skirts would stay in fashion It was two years ago when I realized my arms had been switched. One morning I was fixing my hair and I watched horrified but fascinated as the flesh of my upper arms swung to and fro with the motion of the hairbrush. This was really getting scary. My body was being replaced one section at a time. How clever and fiendish.

Age? Age had nothing to do with it. Age is supposed to creep up, unnoticed, something like maturity. NO, I was being attacked repeatedly and without warning. In despair, I gave up my T-shirts.

What could they do to me next?

My poor neck suddenly disappeared faster than the Thanksgiving turkey it now resembled. That’s why I decided to tell my story. I can’t take on the medical profession by myself. Women of the world, wake up and smell the
coffee. That really isn’t plastic that those surgeons are using.

You KNOW where they are getting those replacement parts, don’t you? The next time you suspect someone has had a face “lifted,” look again. Was it lifted from you? I think I finally found my thighs – and I hope that Cindy Crawford paid a really good price for them!

This is not a hoax. This is happening to women in every town every night. WARN YOUR FRIENDS!

P.S. I must say that last year I thought someone had stolen my breasts. I was lying in bed and they were gone! As I jumped out of bed, I was relieved to see that they had just been hiding in my armpits as I slept.

Now I keep them hidden in my waistband.

Birthday Time

23 Red RosesI’m another YEAR older– I can’t believe how quickly time goes by. Just the other day I turned 21, now I’m 23!! Things seem to change so quickly. I don’t notice how much different my life is, until I take a step back, and analyze everything from a different angle. I’d say my has definitely improved over the past year, and though growth is sometimes painful, difficult situations do still help us grow. I’m a happier and more fulfilled person than what I was last year this time, and I suppose that makes the aging process a little bit more bearable. I have the most awesome boyfriend. I am so thankful for every moment that I spend with him. Sometimes I wish that time would just stand still when we are together, because it passes so quickly. I know I’m getting soppy, so I’ll go on and tell you about something else.

I got 23 red roses!!! How romantic is that?!?!
Soon I’ll post a pic of the roses – just have to take it first 😉 Will do that soon though.

I spent my birthday eating cake until I had to lie down, and then I ate some more… Now that I’ve gained 2kg’s I will have to start exercising seriously, just a pity that its such a schlep in winter time.
I know the photo’s quality isn’t great, but at least you can see its roses, and they are red 😉