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Winter Blues, Cupcakes & Hot Choc...

Winter Blues, Cupcakes & Hot Chocolate

Since I was little I wished that I could have a pool party for my birthday. Since its in the middle of winter, it’s a bit unpractical, and over the years I’ve learned to accept that I’d never have a summer party unless I moved to the Northern hemisphere (Which I did for a year […]

Dessert Pizza? (GROSS!!)

Dessert Pizza?  (GROSS!!)

Dessert pizza’s are gross. The thought of it is disgusting. But if you start to think about it, it shouldn’t be any different than sweet pastries? Still pizza’s are meant to be savoury in my opinion. Who thought of dessert pizza’s anyway? Its a real thing, I kid you not – its on the menu’s […]



Have you got any idea how cold it is in Pretoria at the moment? Apparently its the lowest recorded temperature in 52 years! On Monday morning 5am, they said over the radio, that the temperature, taking into account the wind factor, was nearly -10°C!!! Here are some photo’s which were taken close to my office. […]