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Winter Blues, Cupcakes & Hot Chocolate

Since I was little I wished that I could have a pool party for my birthday. Since its in the middle of winter, it’s a bit unpractical, and over the years I’ve learned to accept that I’d never have a summer party unless I moved to the Northern hemisphere (Which I did for a year and LOVED). This year the weather in the Southern hemisphere was no exception when my birthday dawned, and Mother Nature dished up the coldest day of this winter so far. The max temperature was about 15 degrees Celsius, accompanied by wind and rain. Good for me I didn’t even go outside on my birthday, and just stuck around the warmth of my heated home. There are still a lot of fun things that you can do in winter, I keep telling myself. Like staying indoors, snuggling up with a blanket, some hot chocolate and a good book. However, on my birthday, I decided to cook & bake since I had some guests over in the evening.
I bought a cake mix because I didn’t want to spend my whole day in the kitchen. My big mistake however, was when I decided on baking cupcakes instead of the usual cake. Cupcakes are really fantastic! Most reason people tend to like them more? I’ve witnessed this weird phenomenon a couple of times. With my husband’s birthday I used the same cake mix, and baked cupcakes until I ran out of time, and then used the left over batter to bake a cake. At the birthday party the cupcakes were finished before anyone had even touched the cake, and people were rather reluctant to try the cake.
The problem with cupcakes is that they take you about ten times longer to bake. I only have ONE muffin tray, and ONE oven rack… And since the batter made SEVENTY cupcakes I had to go through the baking process six times, where a cake would’ve been done in one round. Now I’m not sure I’ll be baking cupcakes anytime soon – regardless of whether my guests prefer them. I suddenly have much more respect for people who buy cupcakes instead.
Anyway, what I was actually getting at. The reason why I stayed indoors on my birthday wasn’t merely the weather. I picked up a bad case of flu somewhere between Pick ‘n Pay and home, and I’ve been battling to get rid of it. At first I thought I could manage to scare it away with some Vitamin C and pain killers, but when my voice started sounding like that of a goose, I decided to give up and visit the doctor.
I got a whole paper bag full of medicine, which – wonder above wonder – seems to be working. I got antibiotics, which I usually HATE, because even though they relieve the problem at hand, they seem to break another hundred things. My voice is still not 100%… I try to sing along to songs on the radio, and I sound like a bad mix between Bonnie Tyler and Jimmy Hendrix. Good news is that my throat is not as sore anymore, and I don’t cough too much anymore. Also, I’ve been shunned to a life indoors, and I’m not even allowed to stick my head out the door after four in the afternoon (which is probably not a bad thing, since that’s when the icy cold settles over Pretoria).
For now, I am resting since the doc booked me off till tomorrow, plus my meds make me extremely drowsy. I’m sipping my hot chocolate while sitting in bed, and enjoying the warmth of my bean bag by my feet… Reading when I’m not sleeping, and sometimes finding myself drooling on my magazines from pure exhaustion :)

Dessert Pizza? (GROSS!!)

Banana Split Pizza Dessert pizza’s are gross. The thought of it is disgusting. But if you start to think about it, it shouldn’t be any different than sweet pastries? Still pizza’s are meant to be savoury in my opinion. Who thought of dessert pizza’s anyway? Its a real thing, I kid you not – its on the menu’s of normal pizza places.

I was going to expand on the topic, but since I’m sick at home today, I don’t have the energy. I’m going right back to bed, where I will sleep, and (unfortunately) work. I still have a horrible sore throat, and my body is sore. I do have meds, but they make me so drowsy that I try not to take them in the middle of the day when I have to work.

Hope to write again soon. By the way, my font is almost done – I just have to do the .readme file, and then you can have it if you’d like! :)


Have you got any idea how cold it is in Pretoria at the moment? Apparently its the lowest recorded temperature in 52 years! On Monday morning 5am, they said over the radio, that the temperature, taking into account the wind factor, was nearly -10°C!!!

Icicles #1Icicles #2

Icicles #3Icicles #4

Here are some photo’s which were taken close to my office. The sprinklers were left on over night, and we thought it a novelty at first, but it happens every day now. In the morning on my way to work I see these poor plants covered in ice. Such a waste of water if you ask me! Anyhow. I’ve been fluish – spent the whole of yesterday in bed with lots of medicine and sleep. I feel much better today, but not a 100% just yet.

But even though its flippin’ freezing, and I have a headache, and a scratchy throat, there is one good thing about today: ITS FRIDAY!!!