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Have you got any idea how cold it is in Pretoria at the moment? Apparently its the lowest recorded temperature in 52 years! On Monday morning 5am, they said over the radio, that the temperature, taking into account the wind factor, was nearly -10°C!!!

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Here are some photo’s which were taken close to my office. The sprinklers were left on over night, and we thought it a novelty at first, but it happens every day now. In the morning on my way to work I see these poor plants covered in ice. Such a waste of water if you ask me! Anyhow. I’ve been fluish – spent the whole of yesterday in bed with lots of medicine and sleep. I feel much better today, but not a 100% just yet.

But even though its flippin’ freezing, and I have a headache, and a scratchy throat, there is one good thing about today: ITS FRIDAY!!!