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Alice In Wonderland

Last night we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D! I loved the original movie, and just couldn’t resist seeing this one, especially in 3D!

Alice In Wonderland Movie 2010 - Mad Hatter (Actor Johnny Depp)

Something to keep in mind however, this is a sequel on the original movie, so maybe see that before watching this remake.  You may appreciate the bit of background.  Or if you have a terrible memory like me, it would be good to watch the original movie to refresh your memory.  There is a bit of legacy that may enhance your experience of the movie.
Its a definite MUST to watch this in 3D – simply terrific, though I think I would watch every movie in 3D if I could!

If you’ve watched this, let me know what you thought of it!! :)

South Africa In The International Headlines

Lately it seems that South Africa is getting a lot of international attention. Caster Semenya, Winston the homing pigeon, and District 9…

It started off with Caster Semenya‘s gender conspiracy. As most of us know by now the majority of opinions now believe that “she” is a hermaphrodite… I don’t have much on an opinion about whether or not a person like this should be allowed to compete. Yes, I guess it is not fair toward female competitors, but keep in mind that this is still a person – who did not ASK to be born this way. I think we should just try to keep this in mind, and search for the little bit of humaneness which still remains in us today. Read more @ The Guardian

Winston the homing pigeon got a short 2nd place (in my books in any case), where he beat the speed of Telkom’s ADSL… (No surprise here :P ) By the time that Winston had delivered the data card & the data had been downloaded, the Telkom download had progressed a mere 4%!! Aargh, South Africans cannot WAIT for a better connection!! Read more @ Daily Mail

And then lastly, but not least; District 9 – the very popular movie which was shot in South Africa, with a South African director, but which was also shown in the States. I’ve heard very good reviews about this, alas, I haven’t watched it myself. I’ll be sure to write a short review as soon as I have seen it! Read more @ District 9 – ABC News


I am not a chick flick person. Though I like the odd romantic comedy, it is definitely not the isle in the video shop where I like to browse most, neither will the comedy previews in the cinema intrigue me much. I love mysteries though, suspense thriller, and … horror films.

Have you seen the exorcist yet? Well, the producers thereof are bringing out another movie – Bug (Bug movie). Have you heard of it yet? Up till now I have not, but the posters seem promising. I know that doesn’t say much always, but I am really excited about it! Every now and again a movie like this hits the big screen, and I just have to watch it. It doesn’t happen very often though, so I really hope that this one is worth it!

If you do not trust the posters, have a look at the preview on You-tube! Its only 1:18min, and well worth the watch!! If you really feel like snooping, check out their website

Its said to be launching on the 25th of May, 2007, but I suppose it will still take a while longer to arrive in South Africa – we are always behind on movies :(

If you see it before me, please let me know what you think, else I will let you know what I think of it :)

Hoodwinked Sucks

HoodwinkedThis movie was such a disappointment! Apart from the terrible animation, the story line is weak. “Grandma” is portrayed as some adrenalin junkie, little red riding hood is a wise-ass teen, and the woodchopper is a yodeling German weirdo. I found this movie less than amusing; rather a waste of my time. It doesn’t do the original story any justice, but then again – it doesn’t even do itself justice!

If you were planning on watching it – DON’T EVEN BOTHER!

Pink Panther…

PinkPantherI’ve seen it! The new Pink Panther movie is @ the cinema’s and I went to see it on Saturday. I haven’t seen the first version, so I can’t compare the two with each other, but this one was excellent. This guy had me in stitches right through the movie. The sound booth [I can’t find a clip for this],the hamburger, and Zanya’s [Beyoncé] dancers” – just to mention three…Backing Dancers
LOL – I loved it… you just have to see it. Though I’m not a fan of embarrasing
humour, I walked out of the cinema wiping the tears from my eyes. If I had listened to the critics’ reviews I would have missed out on alot – next time I won’t be reading the critics’ reviews, but rather the
users’ reviews.
A while ago I saw “The Wedding Crashers”, and it was pathetic… I hated every minute of it. In the first ten minutes I knew it wasn’t my type of movie, but I decided to give it a fair chance [which I regret now, because it was a waste of time]

Pink Panther on the other hand is the type of movie that I’ll watch again and again – and maybe even buy the DVD. If you like comedy this is definately a thumbs up!!
If I had to give it a rating then it’d have to be a
5 Stars!5 Stars!5 Stars!5 Stars!5 Stars! or A+ – ITS THE BEST!

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