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DJ AM – Death Of Another Celeb

DJ-AM-Adam-GoldsteinAfter hearing about the death of DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) on Friday, I realized again the danger of drugs.

He spoke openly about his drug problems, but also said that he’d been clean for years. Though there will always be some controversy surrounding that, I think its completely believable. Once you’ve been an addict, it will always be a weakness for you, and as soon as live starts pressing down on you, that’s going to be your first place to run to.

Now, I don’t know the facts around this man’s life, but I can imagine that living such a high profile life can have its stretching times, and the only constant in this man’s life was most probably not his friends & family but rather the substances which never rejected him.

Sad to see someone climb the ladder of “success” (as they see it), only to watch them plummet down when hardship strikes. Such a pity though.



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