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Almost September!

pink flowerGosh I can’t WAIT for spring time. Spring is probably my favourite time of the year. I can’t wait to wear sleeveless shirts, and cotton again. I’m so sick and tired of wool… Jerseys & scarfs… In the beginning of the winter I’m still okay with curling up in bed, and reading a nice book while sipping on some hot chocolate – but I think that’s just because of the novelty of it. I LOVE summertime. The heat. The sunshine. Spending time outside. Sunbathing. Going on holiday to the beach. The smell of suntan oil. I miss that so much!! :( Some people complain about the heat, but I love it. (As long as you have a good air-conditioner where you work!)

Though lately the sun has become a bit dangerous… I got a factor 60 sunblock, so as you can imagine I’m paler than Snow-White. I have a natural fair skin, and with the little bit of time I spend in the sun, I tend to get paler and paler. Though I suppose that is not a bad thing if you look at all the skin problems that older people have. In South Africa that is. I know more than one person with skin cancer that has to go for regular check ups, and even small operations to have moles and bad patches removed. Scary isn’t it?

If you’re planning to spend alot of time in the sun, or even just a morning, I suggest that you get yourself sunblock. I’m sure the sun will be out soon, and I don’t want to end up with spots – or even more freckles than I already have!

But with all the con’s mentioned, I still can’t wait for the smell of spring.  The fresh blossoms, and the warm nights.  I went summer shopping today, and they have SUCH nice things in the shops :)  Can’t wait to wear it all 😀



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  1. August 24, 2006    

    You got to depress us Danette! Autumn soon 😛

  2. August 25, 2006    

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  3. August 26, 2006    

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  4. August 29, 2006    

    oh well …. i wish v had spring over here but its only the monsoons tat take over most of septemeber….a really perfect tym to stay in bed till late in the day but coll bekons,life sucks at such times…aint it so ??

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