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Hello There, And Welcome To Me

I haven’t written for such a long time that I feel strangely out of place on my own blog.  Like I need to introduce myself all over again.

I’ve tried to write countless times, but something more important always jumps my task queue, and I have to abandon my half written post.

Somehow, when going back, its never the same.  I guess people who read it won’t know the difference, but to me it feels like sending an outdated letter.  I prefer to start fresh and write from start to finish without any interruptions.

I’ve become increasingly busy at work these past months, so much so that it now feels like an avalance of new projects and docmentation and administration and who knows what else that has to be done, and with priorities constantly changing its quite a challenge to try and juggle everything.

However, I prefer working like this since I hate being bored, but it would be nice to get a break every now and again, just to get my mind around it all.

I’ve had some “good writing ideas”, but never manage to remember them when I sit here.  I should get a notebook to write my thoughts down.

This post sounds a bit “hickuppy” – I can’t seem to find my old self, so I will get back to work for now.  I just wanted to give it a try, and at least write something personal again.

Hope I can come up with something more interesting next time.

Take care.



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  1. July 24, 2008    

    Good to hear from you again, Dizzy.

  2. July 27, 2008    

    Nice blog :)

  3. Linda Mawbey Linda Mawbey
    July 28, 2008    

    Stumbled across your site while looking for a chocolate cake recipe, did so enjoy your blog and pics,also enjoyed the cake made it for hubbies birthday,great idea for 2 people thanks.Linda

  4. July 29, 2008    

    Oh well, it’s good to know Danette’s still alive!

  5. Sibu Sibu
    July 29, 2008    

    Hey. Don’t worry. this happens. point is, i still think you are a great writer.

  6. August 4, 2008    

    looking forward to read from you.get past the “hickuppy” stage soon.

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