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Pass On E-mails

Pass-on e-mails make  me wanna...Somehow I became the victim of pass-on e-mails… I don’t know how this happened, but some people in my address book think that I need alot of luck and money. I get this continuous stream of mails claiming something ridiculous, like “If you do not pass this message on to 50 people within the next 3 seconds, no one will ever love you again”. [What’s up with that?] Or “If you forward this e-mail to 100 people Bill Gates will send you a cheque for $5” Why do people write these mails? And who forwards it?? Who actually believes that the richest man in the United States [and the world for that matter] is going to take the time to write out cheques for the idiots who actually spend their time reading & forwarding this nonsense?

I’ve also been getting “Angel” e-mails. These seem to contain horrible pixelated images of kitch angels or fairies sprinkling their “magic dust” on you for good luck. Magic Dust, err… I had that when I was 5, but now? Gosh – WAKE UP!!! This is the REAL WORLD?


Maybe I will one day be so irritated that I will write a snotty reply to those people. For now I pity them; in their stupidity.



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  1. October 16, 2006    

    I hate chain e-mails. In fact, it’s getting to the point where I hate pretty much anything with a fwd: in the subject line. I have friends who seem to think I want to know about any mildly amusing joke or story they come accross online. I don’t. If you figure out the perfect reply, pass it on.

  2. October 16, 2006    

    I seldom open any emails with a fwd in the subject line.

  3. October 16, 2006    
  4. October 16, 2006    

    Joe, there’s no link in that previous post of yours 😐

    I assume it is this one that you’re refering to? http://joeanderson.co.uk/blog/2006/09/30/chain-email-social-networking-even-more-spam/

  5. October 16, 2006    

    I know exactly how you feel! It’s rather ironic how we take the time to keep in touch with certain people through email, and they usually send us spam a majority of the time. *sighs

  6. October 16, 2006    

    I just delete forwarded emails.. it works I guess

  7. October 17, 2006    

    I have a brother-in-law, who sends me that crap each week. I finally, after much consideration of my own sanity, decided to send it back to him, as an “attachment.”

    I wrote in the subject line: As to your latest missive:

    When he opened it, he read: Kiss my ass!

    (I have to admit, that felt goooooOOOOd!)

    xx, SoldSoul

  8. xalpharis xalpharis
    October 17, 2006    

    I return the emails with nude photos of Bea Arthur attached.

  9. October 17, 2006    

    LOL – I didn’t who that was, until I searched on “Google Images”
    :O Something I might try sometime – thanx for the tip

  10. October 17, 2006    

    Oh yes, that’s exactly how I feel. I went so far as to tell my friends and family that if they forwarded this junk, or any junk for that matter, to me any more I was going to print it all out and make them eat it. I think they got the point, most of them anyway. The ones who didn’t went on my spam list. I hate electronic chain mail.


  11. Will Will
    October 18, 2006    

    There are several choices in how to respond to these things.

    1) Send an e-mail back to that person with no body and a subject title of “unsubscribe”

    2) Create a sort of chain mail response, but one that deals with things antithetical to what you’re receiving. Maybe for every Angel e-mail you get, send back a Satan e-mail… or a death e-mail. Or something. They’ll get the idea.

    3) Respond asking them if they’re sending something to the wrong person, or asking if their account got hijacked because you keep getting “Weird, stupid e-mails” from their account.

    4) Delete the e-mails, or filter them into your junk mail. If you really care about them the filtering might be a problem if you get real e-mails sometimes from them.

  12. October 18, 2006    

    Oh I like what Will said must remember that for next time…..I have had to tell a few friends don’t bother sending me this crap and it seems to have worked for most of them

  13. October 18, 2006    

    Danette: Yup. I must have done bad HTML, how stupid of me :(

  14. TUI TUI
    October 19, 2006    

    The animation of the blood covered keyboard is so perfect, I have similar fights with my compuuter daily. t

  15. October 20, 2006    

    I’ve started to filter all “FW:” mails to be archived & labeled “Junk” in my gmail. I didin’t want to “mark it as spam” as then all the e-mails I receive from those people will go to my spam folder.
    Suppose its an “okay” solution, for now in anycase 😛

  16. October 31, 2006    

    What I find truly offensive are those religious emails that say pass this on if you are not ashamed of Jesus. I am not ashamed, but I don’t need to spam my friends with chain letters to prove it!

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