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2009 Comes To An End

Amidst all the festivities and holiday spirit in the air, I am working -  Sad as it may seem I actually enjoyed it so far.  I managed to catch up with some long delayed admin work, and feel so good having completed it.

I don’t have anything planned yet for Monday except one client meeting (Yes, I was also surprised to find a client who’s still working at THIS TIME of the year!!), but I am actually glad, and hope to wrap up a couple more things on this project before year end!

Why am I working this time of year when the office is very close to empty?  I am saving my leave for next year, when we will hopefully go for a long beach holiday, while everyone else is working!!

We don’t have any plans for the time between Christmas & New Year, but will probably spend time with the families which I prefer.  The beaches are too crowded, the roads too dangerous, and most people will be drunk.  I guess by saying most, I am exaggerating, but there are a lot of intoxicated individuals in public places this time of year, and I have a bit of an aversion to people who can’t contain themselves.

What are you doing over the festive season?



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