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Naked Old Ladies

I joined the gym this week! Since I work practically next door to it, I decided that now is a good time to join. That, and the fact that I hear horror music in my imagination when I picture myself in a bikini – seasons are changing to summer in SA.

I went yesterday for the first time, very conveniently in my lunch, and felt sooo good afterwards. Though I am unfit, I completed ten minutes on cardio – that’s A LOT for me 😛 I did a bit of muscle exercises, and then had a lovely shower.Gym

The bathrooms are really clean, and that is a strange thing in SA. These ones were particularly nice. I was however shocked when I was joined by an oldish lady starting to undress right there in front of me. I realize that I was after all in the change rooms, but still – it was a shocker. She walked around there in her knickers!! Weighing herself, going to the steam room, and eventually to take a shower – the whole time parading like she was a show horse or something. I was there long enough to see all this, because I myself was still getting dressed, and doing make up and all, but still, I don’t walk around butt naked :O

Anyway. Hopefully I will get into a gym routine, and I will be ready for my bikini before the summer is over. Wish me luck 😀



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  1. October 9, 2010    

    I started my day early with a little yoga, mostly pranayam and then move onto the sweaty stuff. I also walk a lot and do plenty of abs workout stretches. Exercise always boost my confidence and improve my overall sense of well being. And those feeling tend to get reflected in my work and in the real life roles I play. I have noticed that when my mind and body are at peace, I am better father, husband, son and all.

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