No High Heels On This Walkway!

Today, I only have a photo:
I took this photo on a wooden deck close to my office, on the way to a couple of restaurants. I have often walked on this wooden deck with my high heels, and have gotten my heel stuck between the wooden beams – halting my walk much too abrupt for comfort!! – And my colleagues always crack up at the way that I have to try and keep my balance, with my heel stuck in the wood, one step behind me :)

I am not too sure what the sign is suppose to help with though?  Its not as if I can take my shoes off and walk the way on my stockings?  No matter how carefully I tread – there always seems to be a conversation during which I forget to watch my step :P



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7 Responses to “No High Heels On This Walkway!”

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    The New York Times “Beirut Report”: How dangerous is Beirut? « Adonis Diaries Says:

    […] Perhaps what Beirut really needs is more signs like this: credit: Dizzy Dee […]

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    Mike Says:

    Hay Kim my older sister Michelle is wearing 7 year old skin tight Lucky jeans that has a ripped rear pocket and she had bubblegum twice stuck on her butt and she alway sat down in cake with them too so she also like to get her heels stuck time to time.One time she was standing in the middle of a large grate with her strap around ankle strap for about 7 minutes then she went to walk away and her left heel was stuck and she yelling Im stuck oh great now my right heel is now stuck too.It is just to funny and she didnt care that she was stuck she was laughing too.

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    heels shoes Says:

    why?that’s unfair to wear high heels to walk.must be jealous.

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    Kim Says:

    Dee, too funny. I’ve managed to get a heel really stuck in a grate on a date with my now husband where he had to help pull me out (I was wearing a shorter skirt with some ankle strap heels). I gave him a hug and discovered he was ‘excited’ by my predicament. You may want to try this with your man one time.

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    Hurtigt lån Says:

    At least there is a warning. Now you can’t blame them if you didn’t heed what it said. Now on this matter, this is where the boyfriend or the husband comes in handy. He could carry you or jump on his back. lols. :D

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    Dizzy Dee Says:

    Hello Kristyn! :)
    Yeah I guess the business park maintenance team may after all have a sense of humor!! Hehe. Glad you liked it too :-P

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    Kristyn Says:

    Of all the silly warning signs… maybe they expect that you’ll carry flip flops in your bag. lol. Thanks for the pic, this made my day!

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