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Well-timed photos (old and new)

Well timed photos – the funny, the weird, and the cute

Sky diver & airplane

Funny pants

Walking on water

Cat with no legs!

Parachute on the moon

Bird with airplane lines

Smiley face birds


Super long arm of soccer player

Snorting coke fail

Golf ball in your face

Bird in the lens

Well coordinated jump

Water prank

Gas bottle in your face

Ball in your face (soccer)

Funny tennis moves

Dog in pain


Ball on bum

Dog Bite

Penguin poop

Dog laughing

Bull chasing man into water

Gay football hug

Evil dog eats ball

Uncomfortable golf position

Coca cola advertising flaw

Microphone goggles

Cheers splash

Prince Charles' boob grab

Running from bike accident

Funny soccer fall

Flyin dirt bike rider

Baseball player statue

Basketball head

Kid spitting milk

Nose on bicycle wheel

Falling down the stairs

Bicycle flip

Funny tennis face

Basketball face & arm pit lick

Puking in motion



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  1. September 2, 2012    

    Still laughing at the man with a coke picture :p

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