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Manchester Houses

Apparently house prices in Manchester is great for first time buyers at the moment! I guess that’s specifically for buyers who are earning pounds though 😛
Still, with Commercial Mortgage you might just be able to buy a house in England if you’re up to it! I would love to. I lived there for about a year, and I loved the country so much. Most people in sunny South Africa don’t understand how I can put up with the constant raining and grey days, but there is something so special about that atmosphere.

I spent the summer shopping till 9pm, and walking in the park – feeding the swans. It was such an idyllic life, that sometimes when I think back it feels like a dream. If I could, I would immigrate to England, and bring up my children there. Its just so much safer than South Africa. I suppose there always are downsides, and one of these would be that my family live in South Africa – well, most of them.

Some of our family are in the States, and other live in Europe, so I guess it would enable me to visit them regularly.



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  1. February 12, 2008    

    British houseprices are high but I don’t follow it.

    Living in England has several more drawbacks but I think it’s an interesting time for Europe!

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