African News: Woman Gives Birth To Teacups?!

According to, a Mozambican woman gave birth to three teacups, Stv aparantly showed photographs of the crockery which the woman gave “birth” to.

The 18 year old woman was 3 months pregnant when she started complaining of labour pains, and gave birth to the three cups on her way to the hospital.

Quoting News24:

The Mozambican association of traditional healers (Ametramo) told the station that there was nothing strange about the story.

Ametramo president Aulerio Demoraz said similar cases had occurred in other parts of the world due to witchcraft.

He said the woman needed to be treated with traditional medicines in order to exorcise the “evil spirits” which made her give birth to the cups.

I’ve been looking for pictures of the cups, but unfortunately couldn’t find any. I’ll post an update when I do get a photograph of it…




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6 Responses to “African News: Woman Gives Birth To Teacups?!”

  1. 6
    lolz Says:

    she probably somehow got them in her system and they ended up in the wrong place.

  2. 5
    Bongi Says:

    i think if your evil spirits are taking time to have tea, how evil can they be?

  3. 4
    Jie Says:

    Oh Man, i don’t believe this. I mean it’s not surprising if the woman born a double headed human baby with one body . Buy a tea cup? i don’t know. Do tea cups have sperm cell?

  4. 3
    Joe Anderson Says:

    Danette, why not just lie and post some random crockery pics? 😛

  5. 2
    Johan Swarts Says:

    If its teacups, then its not birth anymore. Birth implies carbon based life.

  6. 1
    Pstonie Says:

    Having seen many twisted things off the ‘net, I’d agree there’s nothing strange about this, relative to the normal strangeness of the net, that is.

    Not sure I’d call it witchcraft, though. Normally you have to pay to see stuff like this on the net. 😉

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