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Preparing For Winter 2010 In South Africa!

I got new boots! How nice are they?winter-boots-south-africa-2010-cat-caterpillars You may wonder why the heck one would need furry boots in South Africa.  It never gets cold here, right?  WRONG!

I was on a call to someone in the UK recently, and she was so surprised to hear that the weather was miserable, cold & rainy last weekend.

For those of you who think we have sunshine and warm weather all the time, we don’t.  Our winters are not nearly as cold as in the UK, and we don’t get snow in Gauteng really, but other parts of SA get snow every winter!  Another reason why we dress a bit warmer than people in abroad is because our homes and offices are not nearly as well isolated, plus we don’t have central heating.  Resulting in very cold winters, indoors, and hot summers too.

We are lucky to have an aircon in our home, and obviously in the office too, which takes out the bite of winter and makes it much more bearable.

Still, I am ALWAYS feeling cold, so I needed nice warm winter boots, and I picked these with the help of hubby! 😉



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