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Anonymity – What's That?

I have been meaning to post for so long, and each time I start with something personal, but end up with something completely the opposite.
These days I find it so hard to share my real thoughts and feelings, since I know there are so many people reading this. People who know me! :O I probably don’t know about half the familiar faces which scan through h
here every now and again, and I have to admit its quite a daunting thought: writing things which are read in a spying type of way. I don’t like it at all :(
Sometimes I consider jotting down a proper rant about someone who sooo irritates me, but what if you will read it? What if you are reading this, and you know that I am talking about you?
I guess its a bit late for stage fright here, but I can’t seem to shake of the eerie feeling. The same feeling I get when I walk down the street by myself and feel like someone is watching me, following me. Creepy.
I’ve been encouraging people to blog the last while, but if I can give you any advice, do it anonymously – find some clever alias. Until you’re very very sure, don’t give away your identity, and don’t share your blog with too many people you have to face.
You may just one day want to write about them.

Apologies For Inconvenience Caused Due To Maintenance

Hello :)

I have to apologize if you are visiting my site today. In the attempt to give my site some more “pizazz” by adding social media buttons in the header I have broken a few things every now and again :P As you will now know I am not yet a CSS / PHP pro, but at least I am giving it a go!

If you were one of the visitors who experienced errors, strange looking pages, or different themes, I apologize and will try to get things back to normal as soon as possible, hopefully with a bit of a face lift :)

In the meantime, your patience is very much appreciated!!

Thank you, Dizzy Dee

Content Thieves Strike Again!!!

How do you know if your website content is  good?  Well I suppose if 4 of your competitors copy & paste your content onto their website, of just copy your website as a whole, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re on the right track :D

Have a look at Ciplex’s website.  This is a website design company in Los Angeles, quite a nice website – well designed I would say with my very limited knowledge on the subject, but I like the look, and the content is definitely sufficient to give you an idea of what type of services they offer.

Ciplex Website Screenshot

Now have a look at Impet Tech

Impet Tech Screenshot

Note how Impet Tech is even using the same flash intro as Ciplex!  I haven’t checked it for myself, but I heard that they even have Ciplex clients in the portfolio – lol.

Apparently this is not the only company who ripped off the design off Ciplex, and Ciplex replied to a tweet of mine, saying that its not worth suing about it, since these rip-offs are not competition for them. I understand that, and I actually have a lot of respect for Ciplex. I’d have been so ticked off I might have done something horrible to them :P

Now to explain how I found all this out… I saw a advert of a company here in SA that does website design and an array of other things, and decided to see what their own website looks like. Apart from the fact that I felt I was getting arc-eyes when looking at their site, its not too bad. (Yes, I am sarcastic when I say its not too bad). Its one of the most horrible websites I’ve ever seen in my life!

Here it is – close your eyes if its too much.  On the other hand, if you’re brave, you can visit the Web Devine website.

Web Devine Website Screenshot

Apart from the fact that they cannot do a decent design, they also cannot write their own original content. They stole Ciplex’s content – exactly as is, and stuck it on their own website. They didn’t even bother to remove the name “Ciplex” from a piece of text on their services page!!! How ridiculously lame is that?!

Here is a content comparison:


And then lastly I want to show you the mention of Los Angeles & TwoSpots (other website of Ciplex)

Web Devine - Los Angeles

I cannot believe the STUPIDITY of this company.  Posting content which they have not so much as READ THROUGH!!!  I’m a little embarrassed on their behalf!!

Now how do you catch people who steal your content?  And what do you do about it?

Well, finding them is not so difficult…  I used Copyscape, but I am sure there are other tools out there too.  Once you’ve found them, Lorelle has some advice on how to deal with these copy cats.  If its any consolation, the thieves’ websites are usually not half as good as the original, and I doubt their service is any better!

We're Living In The Most Amazing Time

Don’t you find it amazing that there are so many people, in so many different countries, each writing in there little space on the web.  Each sharing his or her opinion, and then in turn there are people reading their thoughts.

I find it amazing to think that I am part of this revolution!  Just think about our parents and grandparents.  They could probably not even imagine something like we have today.

Today we have blogs, Facebook, Myspace, and so the endless list goes on and on.  We’re literally living in a technological overdose.

To all of you who blog, I want to remind you that we’re all part of something new and incredible.  Something which has never happened on earth before.  What a priviledge to be part of this.

I’m loving it!

First SEO Tip! (Always have fresh content)

My blog has been neglected for quite a long time now – juts more than a year!!  Even though I know that I have to update my blog regularly in order to keep a good search engine ranking, it is just not as big a priority as the rest of the things in my life.

I find it quite sad, as I easily maintained a 4/10 Page Rank while my blog was still hosted with WordPress.  However, since moving to my own domain I found it is hard work to get your ranking up, and keep it there!

My work definitely eats the biggest chunk of my day, on top of that I spend quite a lot of time in traffic each day, I have to cook and clean and wash and iron and shop…. and the list goes on.

There are always friends who I need to see, and even that, I don’t do regularly enough.

In my eyes this list pretty much fills up my time, and I cannot fathom how to fit in an extra hour for blogging each day.  Strange thing I noticed though, was that I have some friends who manage to do everything which I do, and more, and they STILL have free time left?

I wonder whether these people ever sleep?  Do they even just take a break, drink a cup of coffee, and read an article in the news paper?  I don’t know, but they’re doing something drastically different from me.

Maybe I should try to take power naps instead of sleeping a whole 8hrs each night?  Maybe I should start combining some of my chores?  Not sure if that would be such a good idea, as we might end up with tile cleaner in the dinner stew…

If you have any advise which works for you, or seem plausible, feel free to share, as I’m extremely frustrated due to the lack of time in my days!