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Anonymity – What's That?

Anonymity – What's That?

I have been meaning to post for so long, and each time I start with something personal, but end up with something completely the opposite. These days I find it so hard to share my real thoughts and feelings, since I know there are so many people reading this. People who know me! :O I […]

Apologies For Inconvenience Caused Du...

Apologies For Inconvenience Caused Due To Maintenance

Hello I have to apologize if you are visiting my site today. In the attempt to give my site some more “pizazz” by adding social media buttons in the header I have broken a few things every now and again 😛 As you will now know I am not yet a CSS / PHP pro, […]

Content Thieves Strike Again!!!

Content Thieves Strike Again!!!

How do you know if your website content is  good?  Well I suppose if 4 of your competitors copy & paste your content onto their website, of just copy your website as a whole, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re on the right track 😀 Have a look at Ciplex’s website.  This is a […]

We're Living In The Most Amazing...

We're Living In The Most Amazing Time

Don’t you find it amazing that there are so many people, in so many different countries, each writing in there little space on the web.  Each sharing his or her opinion, and then in turn there are people reading their thoughts. I find it amazing to think that I am part of this revolution!  Just […]

First SEO Tip! (Always have fresh co...

First SEO Tip!  (Always have fresh content)

My blog has been neglected for quite a long time now – juts more than a year!!  Even though I know that I have to update my blog regularly in order to keep a good search engine ranking, it is just not as big a priority as the rest of the things in my life. […]