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China Mall Fire

I haven’t been to China mall in ages, as I didn’t really need any plastic / electronic junk :P Neither did I crave cat meat fried in motor oil. This morning over the radio I heard there was a fire that destroyed more than 40 stores!

It was also quite a scene when the fire reached on of he shops that stocked fireworks, and people on the M1 stopped to take photos. Wish I could see some of those, however sad this is. I just hope no one got seriously injured.

If you have photos, or have seen some, please share!! I just found this video at Times LIVE:

A Week Of Nothing, And Still So Much

I found it a strange time of year to take holiday, and the first time I have done so (I think?). Unlike our usual summer beach holidays the days were not nearly as hot, but still much nicer up North (close the Botswana border) than here in Gauteng. Seems like so much has changed since I last sat down & wrote, and I don’t really know where to begin.

Let me try to recall all the events in chronological order… I was sick last week – bronchitus, was booked off for two days but ended up spending only one day in bed, sleeping. I got a fantastic prezzie from my husband – a brand new laptop!!! :D How cool is that?? I went on holiday, close to the Botswana border, where there is no internet access, and also no mobile phone signal! It was actually quite a nice break during which read a book. We celebrated my Father’s 65 birthday while on holiday!

Apart from the above mentioned which pretty much consumed my mind & time not much else happened. We got home safe, and now I need to try my best to catch up with blogging, washing clothes, tidying the house (which I am forever obsessed about). Oh yes, and then ofcourse, I still make time to explore my new toy – at 1:42am! …Bed time for me!

African News: Woman Gives Birth To Teacups?!

According to News24.com, a Mozambican woman gave birth to three teacups, Stv aparantly showed photographs of the crockery which the woman gave “birth” to.

The 18 year old woman was 3 months pregnant when she started complaining of labour pains, and gave birth to the three cups on her way to the hospital.

Quoting News24:

The Mozambican association of traditional healers (Ametramo) told the station that there was nothing strange about the story.

Ametramo president Aulerio Demoraz said similar cases had occurred in other parts of the world due to witchcraft.

He said the woman needed to be treated with traditional medicines in order to exorcise the “evil spirits” which made her give birth to the cups.

I’ve been looking for pictures of the cups, but unfortunately couldn’t find any. I’ll post an update when I do get a photograph of it…

Source:  News24.com

Aussie News

For the times which I’m extremely busy, I love sharing news articles which tickle my fancy.

So here goes with some interesting Australian news.

A lovelorn man who put his life in Australia up for sale on the Internet was one step closer to starting over Monday as bids for his house, job and lifestyle hit $2,2-million. Ian Usher, a 44-year-old from Yorkshire in England, launched the unusual auction after announcing on his blog: “I have had enough of my life! I don’t want it any more! You can have it if you like!” …[read more on IOL]

Brisbane – A man found asleep in a motorised wheelchair on a highway in northern Australia has been charged with drunk driving.

Officers in a patrol car noticed the man slumped in the stationary chair around 10am on Friday on an exit lane near the tourist city of Cairns, regional traffic Inspector Bob Waters said. Cars were swerving to get around him.

The officers breath-tested the 64-year-old man, who registered a blood alcohol reading of 0,301, more than six times the legal driving limit. He was charged with operating a vehicle while drunk and ordered to report to court on July 7, where he faces a stiff fine if convicted.

The man, whose name was not released, said he was making a 14km trip from his home to a friend’s place. … [Source: IOL]

On The Light Side… (I just couldn't resist!)

Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwean PresidentIn a top-secret memo leaked to the media this morning, the CIA has issued a stern warning to would-be assassins not to target Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe. Describing Mugabe as “sniper-proof”, the memo explained that head-and-chest shots would have no effect on the 84-year-old Mugabe, as he has neither a brain nor a heart.

On the contrary, said the memo, any direct hits on his head or chest would “only get the varmint riled up”.

Mugabe’s personal physicians have maintained a strict policy of not speaking to the media, but it is understood that the elderly tyrant adheres to a stringent diet of omelets made from human stem cells harvested from babies’ spinal columns, honey stolen from honey-badgers, and Red Bull energy drinks hijacked off trucks at the Beit Bridge border crossing.

They have also historically refused to comment on persistent rumours that both Mugabe’s brain and heart atrophied in the late 1990s and were surgically removed in a Cape Town clinic in 2001, along with a malignant testicle found growing in his larynx that had, according to surgeons, been causing him to “talk complete bollocks for years”.

However, the CIA memo has all but confirmed the rumours, adding that snipers who attempted either a head-or-heart-shot should be prepared for “a puff of flannel, some cobwebs flapping around the exit wound, and a faint smell of sulphur”.

The memo went on to say that “conventional termination procedures” would have to be reassessed to “mesh with Mugabe’s specific physiological and supernatural attributes”, and that “more esoteric methods” would have to be applied.

These included driving a wooden stake through his chest, shooting him at full moon with a silver bullet, exposing him to sunlight, luring him into an active volcano, sucking him into the void of space through an airlock, or feeding him pet treats manufactured in China.

Source: iafrica.com